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SAU S.p.A. is a precision metal working and mechanical engineering company founded in Polinago (MO) in 1982, specialized in tool making and sharpening and renowned worldwide for the excellence of its products.

To meet the demands for ever faster production methods, SAU S.p.A. decided to invest in innovation and research, setting up a cutting edge rapid prototyping and 3D printing department that in next to no time, and with the best technologies available, created prototypes and small samples with exactly the same care and attention to detail that is the trademark of the rest of its production.

The purpose of the 3D printing service is to give palpable and immediate aid to those who need to make prototypes that are both functional and usable for in place testing, for creating moulds and small production lots.

Associate Companies:

Gibellini Projects

B.B.O. Tools

A.G.S. Automation


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